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Tavistock Run Project was founded by Dave Chanter in 2013 with the objective of developing all areas of running within the community. Initially the project was a blank canvas but soon evolved into a small training group attracting a disparate group of athletes who had a desire to take their running to the next level.

As the group continued to evolve it was decided to become affiliated under England Athletic rules and TRP became a club in October 2017.


Our latest news

Autumn Adventures

When the evenings start drawing in and the races get longer it’s a sure sign that autumn is just around the corner and last weekend TRP runners were

Training Camp

It’s been a busy few weeks for TRP athletes as the summer racing transcends into the cross country build up and autumn races.After a stellar year

Another great weekend

For those of you unfamiliar with Parkrun it’s origins date back barely 20 years when seven friends ran around a London park. Today it is a worldwide